Azizan Nin

Azizan Nin, an all-rounded local artist is a Business Administration graduate from De Montfort University, England.

Blessed with a good look, Azizan is also gifted with remarkable acting talents. Azizan’s portfolio in acting has been tremendous. His involvement in TV programme and drama includes Cinta Medik (TV9, 2006/2007), Akankah Mungkin (RTM, 2007), Kaizer (TV3, 2007), Dunia Baru (TV3, 2006), Cinta Rahsia (TV3, 2006), Cahaya Syawal (TV2, 2006), Nuraisha (TV3, 2006), Realiti (8TV, 2006), Khalifah (TV3, 2006), Keruh Di Hulu, Jernih Di Muara (RTM1, 2006), Villa Yasmin (TV3, 2006), Mahligai Gading (TV2, 2005), Nurhidayah (TV1, 2005), Rafflesia (RTM2, 2005), Villa Cinta Daddy (TV3, 2005), Selumbar Di Hati Mama (RTM2, 2005) 3R (TV3, 2005), Desir Angin Dipinggir Memori (2004), Table For Two (TV3, 2004), Surat Untuk Bulan (2004), Dengan Nama Cinta (NTV7, 2003), Bulan Jadi Saksi (NTV7, 2002).
Besides movie Cinta Terakhir (2005) where he co-starred with Indonesian actress Intan Olivia, Azizan was also invited to star in a short film for broadcasting students of UiTM, themed She’s Not Just That Into You (2005). Apart from that, Azizan was also involved in Romantik (2006), another short film for MIIM@Akademi TV3.
Because of his charming appearance and personality, Azizan has been featured in various print advertisements for brands like Celcom, Arab Malaysian Bank, Nissan, Nikon Camera, Star Cruises, Digi, Pensonic, Ponds and Nescafé have also. Azizan was also involved in TV commercials for Dunhill, Ponds, Nescafe, Visa Electron (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China), Pensonic, Nivea, BenQ, Samsung Electrical (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, India), ANZ Credit Card (Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand), just to name a few.
Azizan Nin has a charisma and magnetism that is totally irresistible, and that’s why he has been voted as 50 Gorgeous People in Malaysia by Female Megazine (2002), 20 Yang Anggun by Eh! Magazine (2002), 10 Gorgeous Guy in Malaysia by I-kon Berita Minggu (2003), Top 5 Popular TV Presenter by Anugerah Media Hiburan (2004) and 30 Demanding Hot Males in Town by URS Edisi Khas (2005).
Besides being appointed as a Motorola Red Ambassador (2007/2008) and as a Motorola Celebrity (2005/2006/2007), Azizan is also one of the Pensonics Friends for 3 consecutive years since 2005. He resembles the brand Pensonic with his solid commitment to deliver enjoyment to viewers and his supporters.
Being a versatile and dynamic personality, Azizan is also recognized as a talented TV presenter and emcee. Amongst the events and programmes that witnessed his emceeing are Having a Good 3 Hari 2 Malam (2006/2007, TV9), Pensonic with Friends Campaign Tour Malaysia (2006/2007), Generasi Digital (2005, RTM1), Majlis Jalinan Mesra Aidifitri 2004 and World Telco Day 2004 (Telekom Malaysia), PONDS Beautiful Moments Contest (2003), Who Will Win? (2003/2004, NTV7), Eh! Magazine 20 Yang Anggun Finale 2002 and the list goes on.
Despite his young age, Azizan’s achievements are most commendable, scaling the heights of fame and success in entertainment industry that requires perseverance, hard work and humbleness.

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