Carrie Lee

Model & Actress
Carrie Lee Sze Kei was fairly young when she had her first brush with fame. This lovable model used to be a tomboyish girl during her childhood has decided to have a change when she was at 19. Carrie made up her mind to embark into modeling, which has then led her into entering beauty pageants.
Carrie’s foray into beauty pageants has proven to be the right move when she was crowned the much-coveted title 2004 Miss Chinese Cosmos in China. Carrie currently carries titles as Miss Chinese Cosmos/Universe International Pageant 2004/05, as well as two subsidiary titles, Miss Photogenic and Miss Talent. Carrie previously held titles such as Miss Malaysia Tourism 2003, Miss Celcom Personality, Miss Emall Peace, and Miss Sogo Trendsetter.
Many were fooled by the appearance of this petite and slender artist model, not knowing that Carrie was actively involved in a variety of sports, namely handball, badminton, swimming, tennis, and soccer. In fact, this pint-size model was crowned as "sports woman" for 5 consecutive years during her primary and secondary schools (1997-2002).
With her triumph in beauty pageant (2004), Carrie’s fame burst like a comet but of course it wasn’t just a momentary flash of brightness. She has been seen in various commercials, namely Sony digital Camera (Hong Kong), Pepsi (Vietnam), Gardenia (Malaysia), Sting (Vietnam), Eversoft, 3D Gold (Hong Kong), Jurlique (Malaysia), Gillette Female (Malaysia), Fair and Lovely, bridal, fashion, designer wear and many more. She is also the Cover Girl for numerous magazines in China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.
Carrie experienced her first stint in acting by starring in Music Video for the award-winning singer Nicholas Teo, followed by TV shows “Love Circle” and “Carrie Lee and Her Thank You Card”. She was later explored to host various events such as tourism programmes, Chinese New Year show, Christmas show, The History of Cheng He, Mines Lantern Festival 05, YTL’s interview and concert in Bath, United Kingdom.
Backed by her vast experience and knowledge in beauty pageant competition, Carrie was invited to be the judge panel for Miss Tourism International World Final 04/05, Miss Sogo Trendsetter 2004, Miss New Com 2004, Miss Icarworld Magazine 2004, Miss Malaysia Universe 2005, and Cosmos International Model 2005.
Besides her acting and beauty pageants obligations, Carrie is also an inspiring business woman. She runs an event management company called White Fairy Sdn Bhd which organizes the Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos pageant and recently, she just opened a boutique called White Fairy Lee.
Indeed, this warm and confident former beauty pageant has a lot more to offer, aside from her flawless beauty.

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