• Model: Toush Smart Laser Robot Vacuum | T9002SRV-LM
  • Category: HOME COMFORT
  • Specification:


    • 360° detection Laser radar, LDS + SLAM algorithm
    • Working duration up to 210mins
    • Real-time map, area/spot/schedule cleaning
    • Brushless motor with 2200pa strong suction
    • 5200mAh battery capacity
    • Vacuum & sweeping, mopping (with 600ml huge dust tank & 400ml electric water tank)
    • With Wifi, Toush smart APP control
    • Increase press for carpet operation, clean more thoroughly
    • Equip with TOF sensor to identify the glass and black wall
    • Auto recharging, breakpoint continual cleaning
    • Virtual wall, to set a restricted area with mobile app
    • With 38-group sensors in total (for anti-falling, anti-collision and obstacle avoiding, speed sensor etc)
    • Scheduling/ time set-up function
    • OTA service, update the software with mobile app
    • Share the device and control with family member
    • Voice prompt (English)
    • 4-5 hours charging time


    • Voltage : 100-240V
    • Frequency : 50/60HZ
    • Rated Input : 54V, 1.0A
    • Working Voltage : 14.4V

    Batteries Working Time:

    Vacuum                      : 120mins(MAX), 160mins(STD), 210mins(MIN)

    Sweeping and Mopping: 100mins(MAX), 130mins(STD), 170mins(MIN)


    • Charging Station x1, Side Brush x4, Cleaning Brush x1, HEPA filter x2, Mop Cloth x2, Adapter x1