• Model: Toush Home Sensor Kit | Toushkit100
  • Category: OTHERS
  • Specification:

    Set Included:

    • Smart Gateway - Zigbee x 1
    • Smart Motion Sensor - Zigbee x 1
    • Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Zigbee x 1
    • Smart Door and Window Sensor - Zigbee x 1

    Smart Gateway The Toush Smart Gateway is the core of the Toush ZigBee devices. Users can manage and implement different smart application scenarios by adding Toush ZigBee devices. Smart Motion Sensor The Toush Smart PIR (Passive Infrared or human motion) sensor detects movements of people or animals. Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor The Temperature and Humidity Sensor detects the room ambient temperature and humidity. Smart Door and Window Sensor The Toush Smart Door and Window Sensor detects the opening or closing of door and window.