We offer a variety of trusted appliance brands for different consumer needs and desires, from premium brands to affordable ones. Come and explore all the home appliances under our various brands.


The Pensonic Group was founded in 1965 as Keat Radio Co. Sdn. Bhd. in Penang. Business flourished and the Pensonic brand was established in 1982.

In 2020, Pensonic consolidated Cornell, Morphy Richards, Lebensstil Kollektion and Toush under one roof with Pensonic as its core brand to streamline its operational efficiency. Pensonic has grown into a leading local manufacturer of electrical home appliances in Malaysia, with a domestic distribution network of 6 branches, more than 1,000 dealers countrywide and exports to over 30 countries in ASEAN and the Middle East. This Company has received many awards from government and independent agencies for design excellence and branding initiatives. 


High quality. Well-designed. User-friendly. Fully devoted to making life simpler for consumers, Cornell has remained unwavering in its quest to produce modern electrical products of unmistakable quality enhanced with pragmatic, innovative touches.

Established in the United States of America in 1995 as a producer of electrical home appliances, Cornell became an instantaneous household name in Singapore. In 2005, Cornell Sales & Service Sdn Bhd acquired Cornell to emerge as the sole distributor in Malaysia and Singapore. Cornell products are innovative, high quality yet affordably priced and combine modern, aesthetically pleasing designs with the latest technological know-how coupled with environment-friendly features.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards, a brand under the Glen Dimplex Group, is so popular that at least one Morphy Richards appliance can be found in over 90% of all British households.

Pensonic secured exclusive distributorship rights for Morphy Richards to market the appliances in the Malaysian and Singaporean markets in 2018. The Pensonic Group’s alliance with the Glen Dimplex Group brings a depth of both companies’ expertise in home products, to deliver more customer centric appliances capable of competing in today’s global market. Constant refinement and optimisation in design and functionality ensures every Morphy Richards appliance delivers outstanding performance while helping to reduce energy consumption.

Lebensstil Kollektion

Lebensstil Kollektion simply means lifestyle collection in German. These appliances enrich your lifestyle with functionality and dependability while surprising you with unexpected details and little touches, surpassing your expectations of kitchen appliances in food preparation.

Each stage of our production line is closely monitored and rigorously scrutinised, featuring the latest technology and user-friendly features, designed to make your cooking effortlessly perfect every time. Our brand echoes the choices of consumers with great taste who prefer immaculate design and outstanding quality in their home appliances. Every Lebensstil Kollektion premium quality appliance is a work of art, designed for durability, versatility and stellar performance.

Toush Inspired by Pensonic

Life is meant to be relished with your loved ones and on things that matter. Toush Smart Home Appliances free up your precious time with intelligent solutions that offer seamless convenience. Schedule and automate your home with appliances that operate quietly in the background, round the clock to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable and safe always. 

You can easily monitor the status of your appliances remotely using Toush App, with real-time updates wherever you are. Capturing the culture of convenience, Toush appliances enrich the way your household appliances interact with you and your environment for your ease and inspired living pleasure.