The industrial power-base of PENSONIC's phenomenal manufacturing capability and services is its total commitment to consistent, on-going Research & Development.
Our emphasis on product and service excellence is seen in our efforts to continuously improve on quality control and upgrade all aspects of products, technology and service standards in keeping with the latest developments and advancements by innovating breakthroughs in design, planning and flawless execution. This is made possible by our highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated Engineers and Technicians.

Profile Of Excellence & Pride Of Penang

This is critical as we prepare for eventual automation in the coming years and achieve our aim of manufacturing fully-Malaysian made products using only local raw materials. This manifests in our 3-acre state-of-the-art factory construction at Bukit Tengah Industrial Park in Penang. Each of our 10 assembly lines and our workforce of 300 profesionally-trained skilled workers meticulously ensure that only the finest products leave our factory.

The ever-competitive industry motivates us to strive for an edge in R&D, so as to constantly increase the number of customers who are switching to our superior range of products.

These strategic breakthough in R&D have resulted in our products gaining excellent response in the ASEAN, Middle East and South-South markets.