Peng Peng

Model & Actress
A renowned international catwalk model and actress, Peng Peng is a meek and gracious beauty.

With her tall, perfect figure, Peng Peng can wear just about anything and look gorgeous. That tells why she has been appointed to represent numerous international brands such as Gucci, Prada, Yves St. Laurent, DKNY and Versace.
Peng Peng travels frequently to countries such as Laos, Jakarta, London, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan, Korea, Australia and Thailand for international catwalk shows and product launches.
Confident, personable and affable, Peng Peng also appeared in TV commercials namely Sanmiguel (Hong Kong), Price Line (Hong Kong), Vidal Sassoon (US), Digi, and Naza Ria. Peng Peng was also featured in print advertisements of Endulgence and Tourism Malaysia.
Being appointed as the brand ambassador of Pensonic since 2005, Peng Peng shares the same core values of the brand which is commitment to deliver quality, trustworthiness and dedication.

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