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Amber Chia

Amber Chia, currently appearing in a number of international print ads for Guess watches, was selected by George Marciano himself to be co-winner in the international Guess Timeless Beauty competition.

Ever since she clinched the title at Basel, Switzerland, Amber has become one of the most sought-after models in Malaysia and the region. 2006 is a pivotal year for her with as she has not just graced countless magazine covers and sashayed on numerous international fashion runways but also moved on into acting.
POSSESSED is her second feature film after the critically acclaimed film, 3rd Generation. POSSESSED is a major breakthrough for Amber as she went through a transformation both physically and mentally to carry the role of the disturbed and emotionally charged leading lady.
In contrast to her always immaculate look as a supermodel, she had to undergo hours of make-up daily to make her look ghastly and frightening for her “possessed” scenes. Amber also insisted on performing all her own stunts including the high tension wire stunts which caused her to suffer a number of injuries.

In POSSESSED, Amber plays a famous model that is possessed by her sister, Lisu who was brutally murdered.

Pensonic Friends